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Are you tired of accepting chronic sinus pain as a way of life?
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Are you stuck in a sinus pain loop?

Get painful sinus symptoms…
Manage them with medication...
Get them to go away for a day or two…
And repeat.

At East Texas Sinus & Dizziness Center, you get real, long-term results.
We will diagnose the root cause of your sinus pain
and present the best treatment options available
all while explaining the steps along the way.

We can also diagnose and treat a full range of ENT-related conditions.

East Texas Sinus & Dizziness Center
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lady holding pressure on her face at sinuses

Sinus Treatment

Sinus pain can feel like an endless battle. However, no matter the type of sinus pain, we can diagnose and treat the root cause.

lady having face examined at sinus points

Balloon Sinuplasty

For sufferers of chronic sinusitis, a long-lasting sinus pain treatment may seem improbable, but it’s here in the form of Balloon Sinuplasty.

man in construction uniform holding tissue about to sneeze

Allergy Testing &

If you are suffering from allergies, we can test them to figure out the cause and then give you long-term treatment options to get rid of them.

woman bothered by man snoring next to her

Sleep & Snoring

Snoring affects both the snorer and the loved one, leaving them fatigued and ultimately leading to more complex health issues. Get snoring treatment today.

man with dizzy circles around his head


Dizziness is an absolute pain to deal with. When you are suffering from dizziness, it can be hard to get out of bed, let alone continue with the rest of your day. We can discover and treat the cause of your dizziness.

woman being fitting with a hearing aid

Ears/Hearing Loss

Millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss each year. If you think you are suffering from hearing loss, you should schedule a hearing consultation now so that it can be caught sooner rather than later.

About East Texas Sinus & Dizziness Center

Opened in 2013, East Texas Sinus & Dizziness Center is a state-of-the-art otolaryngology facility. Dr. Morton and his staff take great pride in being up to date on the newest and best treatments and technologies. Staying up to date is what allows them to treat you effectively all while keeping your individual needs in mind.

Ronald G. Morton, MD, FAAO/HNS

Dr. Ronald Morton is a board-certified Otolaryngologist and a Diplomate of the American Board of Otolaryngology. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery. Dr. Morton also belongs to the Texas Association of Otolaryngology, where he served on the Board of Directors from 2004-2012 and was President from 2006-2007. He is a member of the Texas Medical Association and Gregg/Upshur County Medical Society.

East Texas Sinus is a full service ENT utilizing
state of the art technology.
Dr. Morton is a long-standing Member of the

“Had a wonderful experience today for my procedure! Great staff, and AN AWESOME DOCTOR!!!! thank you for making me feel better!”

-Stefanie Hill

“Love this doctor and his staff. He found things other doctors have been missing for basically all my life, which answered so many questions. Very compassionate doctor and he truly cares. I recommend him highly!”

-Kimberly Wood Klepfer

“Great bedside manner & incredible Doctor….very skilled and knowledgeable of new and less invasive treatments!!!Has worked on me and all 3 of my kids!!!! Love him!!!!!!!”

-Christi Whittenburg Lee

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