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Sleep Apnea Treatment Plans

Sleep apnea, a very common complaint of patients presenting to the East Texas Sinus and Dizziness Center, is greatly affected by nasal obstruction either from allergies, enlargement of turbinates, or deviation of the nasal septum.

In addition to area sleep centers near by, Dr. Ronald Morton frequently utilizes convenient and cost-effective home sleep studies from two different services. This makes testing much easier to set up and works around the patient’s schedule. These tests monitor not just a single night of sleep, which can be unpredictable, but up to three nights of sleep, giving a large sampling of the patient’s sleep architecture.

Rather than requiring further testing, Dr. Morton will then begin implementing Auto-PAP and assessing for effectiveness and optimal pressure settings. This saves patients time and expense, while still treating sleep apnea and the accompanying snoring.

Along with these contemporary treatments for sleep apnea, in-office surgery to optimize nasal breathing further remedies sleep apnea. The pressures necessary for treating sleep apnea and the method of delivery can be made easier and more tolerable when these procedures are utilized.

Snoring, if caused by nasal airway obstruction, can also be improved by these in-office procedures, especially when coupled with Dr. Morton’s medical treatment of allergies and other sources of nasal congestion.

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