person happy after treatment from East Texas Sinus

East Texas Sinus Testimonials

Hear what patients have to say about ENT Doctor Ronald Morton at East Texas Sinus and Dizziness Center:

“I am so grateful to Dr. Morton. He listened to me as a mother when so many doctors in his field did not. He has worked and still works with me non stop to help my son lead a better and healthier life. My family is so thankful to him and his great team. My kids love to go see Dr. Morton!”  – Robyn Williams Haba
“He is an amazing Dr. and I am so privileged to have been one of the first recipients of his newest procedure. It’s been amazing!” – Shelly Garner-Smith
“Dr. Morton and his staff are the BEST! I have worked in the medical profession for 17 years and Dr. Ronald Morton will always be my first choice as an ENT Physician!” – Mandy Williamson
“Love this doctor and his staff. He found things other doctors have been missing for basically all my life, which answered so many questions. Very compassionate doctor and he truly cares. I recommend him highly!” – Kimberly Wood Klepfer
“Had a wonderful experience today for my procedure! Great staff, and AN AWESOME DOCTOR!!!! thank you for making me feel better!” – Stefanie Hill
“Great bedside manner & incredible Doctor….very skilled and knowledgeable of new and less invasive treatments!!!Has worked on me and all 3 of my kids!!!! Love him!!!!!!!” – Christi Whittenburg Lee
“Wonderful bedside manner and a great doctor! He has taken care of my family for a long time and I highly recommend him!!!” – Vikki Morton
“Dr. Morton was the only ENT doctor who listened to me and didn’t think I was crazy! He accurately diagnosed me and now I am 100% better.” – Vickie Bailey Fontaine
“I want all my facebook people to check this out. I worked with this doctor several years ago and I can honestly say he is the smartest human being I know. He is also the most compassionate doctor I have ever known. He is a Christian, a family man, a loyal friend, a great doctor. When you or your family member sees him, they are treated as if they are his family member. He helps people with many disorders, and is an ear, nose, and throat doctor as well. I don’t know if you have ever heard of functional medicine, but he helped my daughter change her life. She was tired, sleepy, and could barely get through the day, but he checked labs many doctors don’t and gave her vitamin therapy, which many doctors don’t do. Call his office & see what he can do for you.” – Pam Greenlee