Best Hearing Aid Types – 2021

Best Hearing Aids 2021

Hearing aids are devices that offer multiple benefits for those suffering from hearing loss. This could be a medical condition, a genetic issue, or caused by a trauma you’ve endured. No matter the cause, hearing aids can benefit you. One of the difficult parts is picking the type you want to wear. It might not seem like it, but there are many hearing aid types for customers to try. We’re going to go through the different types so you can learn more about them.

Hearing Aid Types

CIC Hearing Aids

CIC stands for completely-in-the-canal. There are also hearing aids that are mini CIC. The design is molded to fit entirely in your ear canal, making it unnoticeable. This kind of hearing aid helps those with mild to moderate hearing loss.

ITC Hearing Aids

ITC stands for in-the-canal. This type of hearing aid is a little larger than the previous one, so it doesn’t go as far into your ear. Because of its small size, it’s better for those suffering from mild to moderate hearing loss as well.

In the Ear or ITE Hearing Aids

The ITE hearing aid is made in two ways. One way is where the size of the hearing aid fills the entire bowl shape of your outer ear, and the other way is where it only partially fills that bowl area. These hearing aids are helpful for those suffering from mild to severe hearing loss. They can also be made with directional microphones for better hearing.

Behind the Ear

The behind-the-ear hearing aid is a piece that hooks over your ear and rests at the back, while a tube connected to the aid goes in your ear canal and attaches to a custom earpiece. This kind of aid is perfect for patients of all ages and can benefit almost any type of hearing loss.

Receiver in the Canal or in the Ear

This receiver-in-the-canal or in-the-ear hearing aid is similar to the behind-the-ear form. However, only a wire connects the pieces instead of a tube. This type usually comes with a less visible piece that sits behind the ear, but it’s susceptible to ear wax clogging the speaker.

Open Fit

The open fit hearing aid is a variation of the BTE aid and the receiver type aid. This type of aid keeps the ear canal very open, so low-frequencies sound more normal, and high frequencies are amplified by the aid. This makes the hearing aid perfect for patients with ample low-frequency hearing but declining high-frequency hearing.

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