How to Fight Texas Summer Allergies

Summer is a great time to hang out with family and friends! But summer allergies can bring you down and make it less fun to be outside or do lots of activity. Luckily, there are ways you can fight summer allergies in Texas. We’re going to go through some strategies in this article, but if you still find it hard to keep your allergies at bay, reach out to East Texas Sinus and Dizziness Center.


Avoiding what makes your allergies flare up is the best treatment. Instead of fighting your allergies off, you don’t have to deal with the symptoms at all. Avoiding allergens that cause your symptoms can look like tracking pollen counts. When you notice that pollen counts are rather high or high enough to cause symptoms, you can stay inside that day. You can also keep doors and windows closed during the summer to preserve A/C, but also to keep allergens from getting in your home.

Switching out air filters regularly is also a good practice for avoiding allergens. Ensuring air filters are clean keeps allergens from sneaking in because the new air filters can catch all they need. When the filters are all dirty, they can’t do their job to trap allergens and particles that will make your allergies flare up. Washing bedding often and vacuuming carpets and rugs often should be something you do as well. This keeps allergens from collecting on these fabric surfaces and making your allergies worse.

If you have been outside, you should change your clothes when you come inside and shower as soon as possible. Particles can collect on your clothes or on you so washing them off quickly is your best bet if you don’t want your symptoms to spike.


If avoidance is impossible as it is with pollen allergens, medications could be a good option for you when your symptoms are tough to deal with. There are over-the-counter decongestants and antihistamines like Zyrtec that you can take daily to fight off your constant allergies in the summer. Your doctor can also prescribe you medications if your symptoms are too bad. This might include medications like steroid nasal sprays. In severe cases, your doctor may recommend allergy shots that desensitize your immune system to allergens.

If you’re still struggling with summer allergies and want extra help finding a solution that works for you, call East Texas Sinus and Dizziness Center today! Our experts know how tough seasonal allergies can be and want to get you the help you need to enjoy your summer!